Magician Rob Lion arriving on April 12, 2018! Number 8, making the Septuplet an Octuplet!

I purchased him on April 9, 2018, so he was quick to come home to me. On arrival day and while unwrapping him, his name popped up immediately, “The Magician”! 🎩 🎇

On the day he arrived, I went for a cycling spin later that day, and Magician Rob was immediately at it, because I found 5 very worn-down one-dollar coins – nowadays no usual payment currency – lying on the middle of a road in Vacaville. They were so worn down I just assumed they were Quarters. Later I read in Wikipedia that this is a common mistake. I decided to take them home anyway. At home I found out they were one dollar each. Close to the spot I found the coins, I found a winning scratcher (lottery ticket) worth $3. During cycling I often pick up CA Lottery scratchers for a “2nd Chance” online. Most people just throw them out after they see it’s not a winning ticket. Also with this, I only discovered when I was home that it was a winning lottery ticket. I just put it in my bike bag, assuming it was a non-winning scratcher. This made the total value of found money $5 +$3= $8. Like in, right, Octuplet 🎱.