The Ninth Rob Nanninga Lion: Hungry (Or: The Eye) 👁️

The numbers are getting higher and the stakes are also getting higher! Rob Nanninga Lion Nine of the multiples has arrived on November 1, 2018. He too is absolutely stunning! ❤️

The first thing that caught my eye was hís eye, one of two especially stands out. It’s very big and beautiful. And he quite literally jumped in my arms like he were moving by himself and lay tight and determined to my chest. I swear he keeps himself to me like that, no way on God’s green earth is he considering to let go, in an extremely strong force that is reminiscent of two magnets that stick together. This lovestory is still getting bigger and stronger! This ninth lion is hungry, figuratively speaking, but sometimes also literally. Eager (to be in my arms) is also a very good word to describe him. This is one strong-willed lion. He’s royally Hungry.

Click on and through the photos or swipe (depending on the device you use).


And the whole crew:

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