Quantum Entanglement – Lion Hearts VII

Publication date: August 6, 2019

CALL WONDERS GROUP (alias Rob Nanninga)


The magic-realistic Live Photo in Davis-Ivy Town
Quantum Entanglement
Snert particles!
New media files!
Gallery Space and Quantum Entanglement

The magic-realistic Live Photo in Davis-Ivy Town

The photo blog kicks off with an iPhone 7+ Live Photo as shot on November 21, 2018, in Davis – Ivy Town. I only discovered the photo on May 31, 2019; indeed, exactly 5 years and a day after Rob Nanninga‘s passing on May 30, 2014. Somehow I must have overlooked it for more than half a year.

My iPhone 7+ and iPad Air 2 (but strangely not my MacBook Pro) stubbornly keep referring to my residence Davis as “Davis – Ivy Town“. Finally, I looked it up (I don’t know why I did this so late) and have to say the reason amuses me, because obviously my Apple devices seem to play or flirt with my line of thoughts in my Lion Hearts blogs that increasingly seem to steer towards one direction: the existing of parallel worlds, multiverse and Another Davis (a concept I launched🚀), because Ivy Town means “a fictional city set in the DC Universe“.

Well, that is, only when finishing the English version of this blog did I discover that I actually live in “Ivy-Town”, the neighborhood that is, in Davis. By the way, I haven’t moved and have been living at the same address in Davis since October 2011. I have had two roommates since the divorce and since August 2019 they are two men, one working for the labor rights union and the other a PhD candidate.There even is a page for Ivy-Town in “my” own Davis Wiki. What are the chances to live in a block with that name! Who needs Apple devices to collaborate when one is actually living one’s train of thought!

At first I thought I applied some app effect to this Rob Lion Young photo and forgot all about it, but as the photo’s composition puzzled me, I swiped back in my iPhone and noted the photo was no edited photo, but a Live photo, as shot on the day of my first Woodland Sleep Research evening. The photos that follow are in the Research Center, and the preceding one a photo of Live Rob Lion Young photo as well, I converted it to .JPG here as WordPress doesn’t allow .HEIC yet. The photo shows Rob Lion Young, seated on my red towel wrapped bed-pillow on the passenger side of my Honda, as my bed companion for the night at the Woodland Sleep Research Center. I must have taken the photo from the outside of the car, as from this perspective the composition of the photo makes sense, except for the glowing white paper (?) shape below the car’s dashboard. In my opinion the photo excudes a sense of launching, Cosmos. Rob Lion Young seems to glide from left to right in the evening darkness, illuminated by the sparkles of the car glass, the light coming from outside….

Because only seven photos from earlier dates are available on this device, I must have emptied my iPhone photos shortly before November 2018. The lone seven photos consist of three photos of mating lions, a couple of selfies, a chicken photo taken at the UC Davis Domes during one of my cycling trips, and a Strava road map of cycl-artist Stephen Lund who created an owl-cycle image in March 2018, the date obviously noted as such by my iPhone.

The seven photos pretty accurately sum up my present life, as it consists of loving lion Rob Nanninga, birds, cycling, Strava and myself of course. My iPhone must have automatically arranged these lion photos chronologically, based on their exif data.

In the strange and enchanting composition of the photo, I see the brush movement of magic, Rob’s magic!

Quantum Entanglement

For even more magical realism that presented itself spontaneously in 2019, let’s spin to the second part of this blog: Quantum Entanglement. The Google News app on my iPad is my newest source of information and, since it’s based upon my preferences, has given me many search results about Quantum Entanglement since July 2019. Many articles revolve around the alleged “first quantum entanglement” photo:

In 1993, after getting my Master in German Language And Literature, I was planning to do a PhD at the UU German Department with subject: Verschlungenheit; entanglement: the understanding of history through all forms of art (literature included). A not very frequently used German word for entanglement in general is: “Verschlungenheit”. It’s a word I like very much and prefer over more common used German words like “Verschränkung“and “Verstrickung”.

The word “Verschlungenheit” was used by Peter Weiss in his titanic work “Die Ästhetik des Widerstands“. Verschlungenheit expresses that things are so interconnected that it is difficult to perceive them separately. My impression of the pronunciation of the word is that it beautifully supports its content: with the simple “Ver” the mouth opens, and with the “blowing”, unvoiced “Schlu …” the sound is brought together in a mini air-tornado spectacle, the sch pronouncing just like the English sound “sh,” as in “shower”. This is the famous German “Sch” sound, also called “Voiceless postalveolar fricative”.

The jump of this mini air-tornado “sch” sound in the “deep and heavy” //- sound (including the following – heit suffix) in my opinion confirms the idea of movement and jumping in something whereby (sound) particles are merged, after which everything resonates in unity.

Peter Weiss used this word in a literal sense to describe paintings and sculptures in which figures can be seen that seem to merge almost organically. But the entanglement concept also aroused Peter Weiss’ attention in a figurative way. He believed that human history can be authentically, realistically and truly understood through art, precisely because people are intertwined in a timeless way. According to Weiss, this timeless nature of the entanglement makes it possible to unify yourself reliably with historical events, even if they lie far in the past for you.

I abandoned the plan that I had already set in motion with asking and getting Helmut Lethen as my PhD supervisor. After all, I had studied so long already and I just couldn’t see it anymore, four more years.The reason I mention this all, is because the phenomenon of entanglement in another way already aroused my early interest.

Snert* particles!

* Snert is Dutch for pea soup but also used as a “Bad!” as in an expletive

Snert particles!
Snert particles!

Please note: All possible mistakes in the wording below can be looked up in a corrected other world version of mine.

In the world of the mysterious, the unexpected, that nobody actually really understands, clever thinkers try to get a grip on what may be elusive: those little bad particles, that – deep sigh! – only seem to goof around. Welcome to the world of quantum mechanics! It is the same quantum mechanics that tracked the entangled quantum particles, the seemingly impossible romance, but ever so real indeed!, between two seemingly (no cord) unconnected particles that coordinate their direction (up, down) by means of immediate vice versa tuning at any distance.

Without any overbearingness of understanding the whole physical concept1 of entanglement (to me, all concepts of entanglement are entangled), I am triggered by the plain description, and the photo of course, as I know that Rob Nanninga and I have been and are connected; perhaps connected like the particles that share their “fate” in an instant, over whatever long distance, so much “faster” than the speed of light, if you can talk about speed in this case. Scientists are still breaking their heads about this mysterious quantum entanglement.

Remember my in earlier Lion Hearts blogs mentioned sentence: “I can see you with my eyes closed, even when you’re at the other end of the universe“, I once wrote Rob in an email? Science would say that’s impossible, right? But it’s what I mean exactly. Yes, skeptics, you are right!, some things just can’t be true, but hey, they still are. Rob now is this particle “in the other room”, and it seems impossible that he and I are really connected, and more than that: share an exactly synchronized destiny, but I still think we are and do.

The “Peekaboo! Universe” by Niels Bohr (Rob-Bor, anyone?) that, in my own words, simplified, states that the universe can only be meaningfully measured by the observer who is observing it at that moment, and that it is as it were (. ..) does not even exist if there is no observer to perceive it2, versus the “no-nonsense” local-realism universe of Albert Einstein who posits that the universe exists anyway in the logical and permanent presence of objects and acting in speeds no faster than the speed of light, once again are in the spotlights they deserve in 2019. They take with them the serious consideration that there is such a thing as Superposition: the existence of possibilities at the same time, such as the cat who is both dead and lives by the observer’s grace, in Schrödinger’s thought experiment. Bohr stated that, apart from the observer, there are several possibilities at the same time, and thus several times at the same time, and that information can indeed travel faster than the speed of light, whereby Einstein’s imaginative term “Spooky action at a distance” became common. It would be the observer who, through his perception, cuts the cake to one particular point and thereby breaks the superposition of everything at once (the entire cake), thereby causing the collapse of the wave function (cake). Poof!, the cake as a whole is gone and you can only see and measure the part that you have just cut out.

This image contradicts Einstein’s version that particles are only interconnected by the information they already carried with them from the beginning when they originated/were created together, making exchange between the two unnecessary at all, so there would be nothing “ghostly” about the fact that they are connected to each other nor their supposed influence on each other. Their actions would simply come from their own properties that are connected to each other just like identical twins. It is also suggested that the two supposedly, alleged, or suggested “ghostly” particles interfering with each other – one being a spin up, then the other standard spin down – are in fact one and the same object, so that they are the same quantum unit.

I already stop here with the “explanation”. The more I read and view about quantum mechanics, quantum entanglement, multiverse and many-worlds theory, the greater my confusion becomes. This is really and certainly not up to me on this point to expand this. But I would like to quote the very remarkable sentence that I wrote to Rob, which is or seems so striking with the ideas of quantum entanglement, with a yellow marker and an exclamation mark.3

"I see you if you have to from the other side of the universe and also with my eyes closed" - Constantia Oomen in an email to Rob Nanninga, Jan 29, 2013, 10:10 PM

New media files!

On Sunday July 28, 2019, something yet again magical happened. In the very early morning I was looking on my iPad, and by hunch clicked on the Dutch Media Archive Beeld en Geluid bookmark I made in 2018 when ordering all Rob Nanninga files I could find in their archive. While again browsing “Rob Nanninga”, I rapidly discovered three new media files with Rob, two tv shows and one radio show! How was this possible? Did I overlook them in 2018? This seemed rather unlikely, because I was as driven to find them as ever. Thanks to the fabulous Beeld en Geluid that digitized their content’s availably in 2018 (coincidence!), within only two days I had two brand new, old video files with Rob in his thirties! No complicated and rather expensive money order at the bank and waiting for weeks for the hardcopies arriving all the way from The Netherlands, but paying immediately with a credit card and then receiving the download links within like 15 minutes. The third media (audio) file was not available for purchase at this time. I sent an email asking if they might have expanded their website data, because now I suddenly found three extra files from Rob Nanninga, but I have not (yet) received an answer to that email.
Such important ones too! You guessed it?: the video in which he wears his blue jacket, the photo of him he sent to me, the very first photo these Lion Hearts blogs start with!

FOUND! Rob Nanninga in his blue jacket!
FOUND! Rob Nanninga in his blue jacket!

Already on July 22, 2019 had I decided to publish this originally intended as a photo blog only as an official Lion Hearts blog, because relevant text came roaring!, but now, as to magically confirm the status of the planned part VII, these so incredibly dear and new to me moving-Rob images offered themselves to make the Lion Hearts VII something leonine special!

I won’t update (yet) on information about my personal life and astral experiences and related experiences with Rob and the lions in 2019. If Lion Hearts Part VIII is meant to be, it probably will come in 2020!

I won’t keep you waiting, here are the two video clips and a selection of screenshots I made of these:

And now, certainly of as dear content, let’s jump to the new Rob Nanninga Lion Gallery with the focus on cosmos and entanglement:


[1] There are supporters for the idea that quantum entanglement not only makes statements about physics, but for all science. In other words: that quantum entanglement can be active in or has consequences for all branches of science. See also the recommended links and videos in footnote 3.

[2] My personal addition to Bohr’s idea of the influence of the observer is as follows: I always find it amazing how it works when you read a book. After reading an x number of pages, you are fully immersed in the story; you see, as it were, a movie in front of your mind’s eye. If you close the book for a moment, the “movie” will stop. But as soon as you open the book again on the page where you left off, the movie starts again, at the point where you left off. And if you open the book on the “wrong” page and you start reading, the “movie” starts at the point where the book is at that moment. The whole book (however) is available at all times. The book therefore lives by the reader’s grace.

[3] Recommended links and videos, and it is probably advisable to watch them a few times. I also recommend this link, which is clearly linked to the videos (I thought it was so important that I had it saved in Internet Archive, because this page was not yet saved there: https://www.meetup.com/Quantum-Physics-Discussion-Group/events/238109121)

What is Quantum Mechanics?

Why the Many-Worlds Interpretation Has Many Problems

Entanglement is spooky, but not action at a distance

Rob-(Niels) Bo(h)r, anyone?

Niels Bohr
The observer’s influence
Albert Einstein
No influence of the observer

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