Who am I? I am a Dutch born lioness, living in Davis, California since October 4 (World Animal Day) 2011. I graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in 1990 (German/Dutch, secondary school teaching qualification) and with honors from Utrecht University in 1993 (Master German Language and Literature). I am interested in travel and languages, vegan food and lifestyle, birds and cycling (which I do a lot) and the “para”normal. However, I don’t believe there is anything “para” in this world or the “hereafter”, I think everything falls within the existing physic and universal laws, which doesn’t mean that life has no magic!

Sprouting from my own out-of-body experiences, about which I published four books in The Netherlands, I developed a natural interest in these and related subjects and maybe preordained rolled in the skeptic world, which I definitely prefer over the pseudo scientific (if even that) world of baseless claims.